5 reasons why you NEED to attend the Mental Fitness Summit 2018

The inaugural Mental Fitness Summit 2018 is themed Creating Mentally Fit Workplaces and is bringing together an exclusive mix of talented speakers who’re all set to share their practical hacks on building a, motivated, engaged and mentally fit workplace.

Mental fitness is all about handling whatever life throws at you like a pro. To be specific, a mentally fit mind can solve problems innovatively, manage their own emotions well and maintain healthy social connections without breaking a sweat.

Sounds like something you want to work on? Join us on 11 October at the Mandoon Estate in Swan Valley for practical advice you can actually implement!

If you’re still thinking whether this is for you, let us break it down how awesome it’s going to be.

1.Look who’s talking

Our panel is star studded. No really. Our speakers are internationally acclaimed mentors from the fields of business management, psychology and nutrition and have helped hundreds of people and organisations over the years. These exceptional speakers are coming armed with a strong agenda to share foolproof, pragmatic wisdom that will resonate with you.

Our keynote speaker Tasha Broomhall of Blooming Minds will be sharing her top tips for motivating yourself and those around you to reflect on and enhance your mental health and our other distinguished speakers will be talking in depth about how you can build a smarter, healthier and happier organisation.

2.An engaging and dynamic agenda

We have brainstormed for days to create a dynamic agenda that prioritises interaction with attendees at optimal points of the day. All sessions at the Summit are part of a well-designed narrative whose purpose is to build better organisations and a better YOU. The sessions are punctuated by activities and strategic breaks to keep you involved and attentive at all points!

3.Location, location, location!

This is isn’t just any conference you can zip into in the middle of a chaotic city. Step away from your desk and join us at the iconic Mandoon Estate in Swan Valley for good food, good wine and actionable strategies that you can immediately put to use as an individual or a business owner.

4.Practical takeaways to build a sustainable organisation

Can’t put a finger on why your employees are taking too many sick days or reluctant to drive innovation in day-to-day activities? As a business owner, you need to ensure that your company has the right culture to foster productive habits, presents opportunities for growth and boosts employee morale continuously.

Creating a mentally fit organisation rules out chances of burn out and, in turn, the inevitable loss of your best talent to your competitors. Besides, if you actively facilitate sustainable productivity practices, your employees will be happy to go out into the world and rave about their workplace.

Think about it – smart leaders invest in people before they in invest in their business.

5.Build a better you

What’s holding you back at work – is it the stress, communication hurdles or just lack of focus? A mentally fit modern mind is quick to adapt, can communicate needs effectively and takes feedback with the right attitude. If you’re faltering on any of these fronts, join us to build a better you!

And leaders, it’s time to go beyond the goal setting pep talks – join us and learn how you can build a workplace of the future.

Procrastination gets you nowhere – if you want results, you need to act now! Go get your tickets – we’re filling up fast. To get $50 off the best price use this code to register now :MFSBLOG18